Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank You

A big fat Thank You to everyone who made it out to Borders in Long Beach for the reading tonight. Saw quite a few familiar faces, and I just have to give a few special shouts out to Jim and Sonay, both of whom I haven't seen in far too long a time. And one more for Brianna who really impressed my mom.

And I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but doesn't Borders usually provide a table to sit at for the signing portion of the evening? I felt kind of funny signing books standing up. And I know I'm really pushing it here, but isn't bad form to do a big announcement on the PA system while an author is reading? Okay, that's it for the downside. Everything else was really cool, and the guys who worked there were really terrific. And it felt really good to be the guy reading instead of the guy watching somebody else read in one of my favorite bookstores.

So one more time, thanks to everyone who made tonight a success! Next stop--the AKoIS Buying Event on July 1! I'll see everybody at high noon!


Christa Westaway said...

Where have you been? Seriously. Now that you're a big, huge novel writing star, you've forgotten me! All is good though. You signed my book and now I have your name captured in my bookcase until the end of time. Or until an earthquake comes and knocks it down. I've been reading your book by the way and I have to's excellent! I'm hoping that Danny doesn't fall in love with Jen...Hopefully talk to you soon x

Kevin said...

I was told that this book would be available on Kindle; is that still happening?

Alicia Adams said...

Update your blog, Mr. Dilts. Let's bring blogspot back.